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String Trio (Violin, Viola, Cello)

#308. G.F. Handel, Arrival of the Queen of Sheba (from Solomon) [a terrific recessional, this Baroque Hit is also available for string quartet] $6.00

#301. G.F. Handel, March from Scipio (a great recessional! Also available for string quartet) $4.00.

#302. Scott Joplin, Easy Winners (rag) (this arrangement is a little more complex and challenging) $6.00.

#303. J. S. Bach, Four Little Preludes (from Six Little Preludes, for Clavier) $7.00

#304. J. S. Bach, Wachet Auf (the ineffably wonderful chorale prelude) $5.00

Mozart    #307. Mozart, Phantasie K. 475 (originally for piano). Mozart at his most introspective, chromatic, intense, almost obsessive, yet also translucent, ineluctable, and effortlessly graceful. Seriously ethereal stuff! $10.00


Three Classic Pop Songs:

#312. Deep Purple (Peter DeRose) (also available for string quartet) $5.00

#313. Someone to Watch Over Me (George Gershwin) (also available for string quartet) $5.00

#306. Al Jolson, Evangeline. A nostalgic waltz, and a big hit for Jolson in 1912! (Also available for string quartet) $6.00

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“Terzetto” String Trio (Two Violins and Viola)

#305. Dvorak, DROBNOSTI (Miniatures) Opus 75a. This “Second Terzetto” for two violins and viola was not published in Dvorak’s lifetime. Instead, Dvorak transformed it into the Four Romantic Pieces, Opus 75, for violin and piano, a much-loved piece which has earned a permanent place in the repertoire. The work in its original form did not appear in print until 1945 when the score was published in Prague. This edition (set of three parts) is made directly from the first published score, with minimal editorial intervention. $19.00

Bach for Three Cellos

#310. Five pieces from the Sonatas and Partitas for unaccompanied violin, in transcription for three cellos. Bourée & Sarabande from Partita #1, Sarabande from Partita #2, Prelude & Siciliana from Sonata #1.
Set of parts, $12. Score $8. Score + set of parts, $17.