Salon Collection


These titles are available individually, or as a collection at a special price (see below)

#401. I. Albeniz, Tango (a lush and slightly complex arrangement) $7.00

#428. T. Albinoni, Adagio (the well-known piece, almost certainly not by Albinoni, usually heard for violin and organ, and often choreographed) set of parts $7.00; score, $5.00

#402. Tor Aulin, Idyll (a lovely piece by a Swedish composer, 1866-1914. Elgar with a Scandinavian accent!) set of parts $7.00; score, $5.00

#418. F. Chopin, Nocturne, Opus 9 #2    $7.00

#441. F. Chopin, Nocturne, Opus 37 #1    $7.00

#417. A. Dvorak, Humoreske (a democratic version with all four instruments participating equally)  $6.00

#406. E. Elgar, Carissima (less well known than his Chanson de Matin or Salut d’Amour, but in the same idiom and just as lovely) set of parts $6.00; score, $7.00

#413. S. Joplin, Pleasant Moments (Ragtime Waltz) $7.00

#436. Fritz Kreisler, Schön Rosmarin $7.00

#408. Franz Lehar, Vilia (from The Merry Widow) $5.00

#409. E. MacDowell, To a Wild Rose $5.00

#447. R. Sieczynksi, Wien, du Stadt Meiner Traüme (Vienna, City of my Dreams). The quintessential Viennese waltz; an unofficial “national anthem” of that fabled city. set of parts $6.00; score, $6.00

#439. F. Tarrega, Recuerdos de la Alhambra (a famous and quintessentially Spanish guitar piece) set of parts $6.00; score, $5.00

Special: Buy six or more of the above titles (#401 Albeniz through #439 Tarrega) and choose an additional title FREE. (equal or lesser value)

Or consider the whole package:
Salon Favourites: All 13 titles above (#401 Albeniz through #439 Tarrega), set of four parts, each spiral-bound to lie flat on the music stand, $67.00 (more than 20% off the total of individual prices, and no extra charge for the binding)