We self-publish a growing list of carefully crafted and beautifully printed arrangements of salon favourites, operatic arias, old pop songs, and so on. Most of these are for string quartet, but there are also some titles for string duo, trio, and quintet (quartet + bass).

To find your way around, click the menu buttons at the top, or the Pages buttons to the right. If you are looking for a particular song title or transcription, try the Search button below the list of Pages.

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A Note about the Business Model:
These days, we’re all accustomed to finding what we want on the ‘net, and downloading it free. In that context a website like this one, which is essentially a catalog of items for sale at listed prices, is an anachronism. The day may come when I offer everything here as a free download. In the meantime, I would like to cover some direct costs. I’ve set the prices as low as I can. I’m open to barter or other suggestions.
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• The parts are meticulously computer-engraved, and laser-printed on 24-pound paper, with easy readability, convenient page turns, and durability in mind.

• Most titles listed can also be sent to you as PDF attachments via e-mail, for you to print: same prices but of course no postage. A few titles, including Bazzini String Quartet #6, Goldberg Variations, Orgelbüchlein, and Tuomala Tunes, are available only in hard copy. Inquire when ordering.

If you provide music for weddings, receptions and banquets—or if you’re looking for some elegant encore pieces for concerts or recitals—or just something different to play—you need these arrangements!

• Each title consists of one complete set of parts. Scores are listed for many, and may be available for others. Inquire.

• Information about any title (level of difficulty, provenance, etc.) is always free: Inquire.

• I will happily send a SAMPLE of any title on request.

Prices are in U.S. funds.
Payment can be made in your local currency via credit card.
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